When you visit the lively city of Chicago, you must hear of The Bean from the locals and be urged to visit it once. If so, you might wonder where is The Bean in Chicago. We have tried to answer this question right here. The Bean is a part of Millennium Park, and it is situated in middle and on the roof of the restaurant.

If you prefer to find places on the basis of blocks, then you should know that the entire park is just three blocks and The Bean is situated between Madison and Washington. If you are reading the map, you should know that The Bean is listed as Cloud Gate on the map.

The Bean is so significant that if you visit the park and explore it, you won’t be able to miss it. So, you should not worry too much about missing it accidentally, especially if you are on Michigan Avenue.

Many people are confused about how long is Millennium Park. The reason behind this confusion is that Millennium park goes on for a while and suddenly turns into Grant Park. If you keep going further in Southward direction, it will turn into Museum Campus and Northerly Island. Hence, people who think Millennium Park goes down to Soldier field are not particularly wrong. You can see green space for a long time, but the layout and names keep on changing.

In essence, it can be said that The Bean in Chicago is a worthy landmark that cannot be missed if you keep your eyes open and remember it by it’s another name Cloud Gate on the map. Once you see The Bean in all its glory, you will be tempted to visit it over and over again in the future.