If you are visiting Chicago for the first time or you are exploring the city, then you might wonder where to eat in downtown Chicago. Here is a list of top restaurants/cafes that you must try.

  • Emerald Loop

This restaurant has an American bar, an Irish pub and loads of vegetarian as well as gluten-free dishes. The crowd is also great and would pull you into the magic the moment you step in.

  • Wildberry Pancakes and Café

This all-American café is the place to be if you are feeling hungry or you want to start your day with a delicious breakfast. It caters to the needs of vegans, vegetarians, and people who like gluten-free food.

  • Eleven City Diner

Experience the ambiance of an American Diner Deli and have a great tourist experience here. Though the pastrami is worth a try, it also serves vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free foods.

  • Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee

There is something very special about American fast food, and if you want to experience it, you should visit this place. The food here is fresh and tasty at all times. You can also find vegan and gluten-free foods here.

  • Trattoria No. 10

When looking for a Contemporary Italian place to eat, you should visit this great spot. No matter whether you want an enjoyable dinner or a happy lunch, you’ll get it here. You can also find gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian-friendly options here.

  • Cherry Circle Room

Those of you who like hidden gems more than the brands would enjoy this hidden gem of the Michigan Avenue. This is the place where you can have memorable evenings with your loved ones.

  • Intelligentsia Coffee

If you are just in a mood to munch, you can get some excellent coffee and delectable baked goods here.

  • Cafecito

This Latin café is also worth the experience and offers best possible prices on all foods. A must try place in Chicago.